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"The Last Roll of B&W Film-1999"

"The Last Roll of B&W Film-1999"  

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Author: Jack Kromer   Date: 3/18/2017 12:48:56 PM   

"The Last Roll of Black & White Film"

After shooting and home developing approximately 28,000 exposures of black and white film through the decades, this picture of Alan Johnson in victory lane at Middletown on Oct 24,1999 was the second last picture that I shot on B&W film. The last B&W frame that I made was just the standard boring basic victory lane picture. 

I closed my darkroom sometime shortly after that 1999 race. That darkroom was the fourth one that I built. My first two darkrooms were at my parent's house, when we lived on Broad St.  
The third one was in Cherryville and the last one is at our present home, but it's not functional due to remodeling the basement. It could be made to work again with some plumbing, ventilation and light-proofing work, but I have no desire to do that. 

Every time I moved, I had to build a new darkroom. That was a pain, but by the fourth one, I could bang one out way quicker than the first three, with no real blueprints or plan..just going by memory. 
I wonder if my second darkroom still exists on Broad St? I saw my old (first and second) darkroom door outside our old house, probably waiting for the next garbage day, one time when I was delivering mail there years ago. That was a bummer to see. My first thought that day was--I have to save that door! My second thought--Yeah, that would be dumb. I have enough old stuff. 

My third darkroom was torn down. I saw that when I drove by our old house and the garage door was open. There was no darkroom there in the front of that oversize heated garage anymore. That was sad to see. So much work to build it and lots of neat pictures came out of that one, too.

I have 681 album pages of black and white negatives from 1973 to 1999. I have scanned to digital, a few thousand black and white's from those negatives and my old 5x7 prints. I used to print, ID and date a few highlight 5x7 B&W pictures from every race that I shot back in the day. Then that got to be too much work and I quit that practice. The rest of my negatives will probably never see the light of day. I wonder what's in those old negatives? The plan was to scan them all when I retired. So far, that didn't happen. 

I wanted to scan every negative and see what I have..someday. That takes a bunch of time. As far as doing that and scanning every shot on the roll, I only got up to page 29 (that is only up to mid 1976) of my B&W negative album, out of 681 pages and then I stopped. So.. I won't live long enough to see all those scanned. Heck, I'm only up to mid 1987, as far as thoroughly scanning my slide collection. I used to knock out a whole year of slides, every winter in the racing off-season. I parked that project, too. Yes, I have many, many thousands that I did scan, during visits to my old negatives or slide pile, while looking for a specific picture or time period. I'd get sidetracked in there and pull some others out and scan them. It's mostly just here and there stuff that I find. Some are more interesting now, but back then they were just boring snapshots.  

I haven't focused on going through and scanning everything thoroughly for a couple years now. Maybe I should. There might be something neat in there. Geez, I'm going to have to live to be 100 to get it done though and that's not going to happen. :)


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"The Last Roll of B&W Film-1999" Jack Kromer 3/18/2017 12:48:56 PM