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User Name Belongs to a Registered User Message

User Name Belongs to a Registered User Message  

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Author: 3Wide's Message Vault Tech Tip   Date: 9/11/2017 12:19:16 PM   

If you have ever tried to submit a post, and got the message:

"The user name you chose belongs to a registered user - Please choose another"?

The most common reason for this is that if you are a registered user, and you visit the site and don't log in, but then create a post and type your user name in at the top of that post, when you hit "submit" the system has no way of knowing that it is actually you (since you didn't log in that time) so it correctly tells you, that they name you are using is already registered to someone else (You!)

So... here's what you do:

1.  If you are a registered user, log in before creating your post, and hitting submit.  You'll know you're logged in because when you first reach the board, you'll get a welcome message, plus when you begin making your post, you'll see that your registered user name automatically appears in the User Name line.  If you're name is not in the User Name line when you are typing away, you are not logged in.

2.  If you are a registered user, and are reading something that you want to respond to, but are not logged in, you can reply to the post, or create a new post, but you'll have to put something other than your registered name in the User Name line.  You can put something close to your registered name (extra space.. a # after it, etc.,, just as long as its not exactly the same as the name you have registered.  The only down side to doing it this way (not being logged in) is that your post will not show up immediately.  It will sit in a cue and one of our extremely well paid moderators Undecided(well paid that is with lots of thank you's and attaboy's....) will approve it the next time they check in (usually within an few minutes, to 2 hours max), at which time it will then appear on the board.

Hope this helps - Let us know if you have any other tech questions/log in issues that we can help out with.



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User Name Belongs to a Registered User Message 3Wide's Message Vault Tech Tip 9/11/2017 12:19:16 PM