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The "Dog Trackin' 500"

The "Dog Trackin' 500"  

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Author: 3-Wide   Date: 2/10/2018 3:38:14 PM   

It's definitely faster, but watching the cars dog track/crab walk around Daytona with the left rear looking like it wants to pass the left front....   and with the ass end draggin', and the rear tires tucked way up inside the fenders....  It just looks wrong.

I have the TV on FS1 (500 practice) on a small 20" screen in the office to the left of my computer, as background noise while posting a few pictures in the main site.  Had to just shut it off because Mike Joy.... and DW.... and Jeff Gordon were going on... and on... and on.... about how good Danika is at Daytona, and how she is the first women to lead a lap... and how many girls race now because they want to be like Danika...   They always talk about how much they think she has achieved as a woman, but they don't ever mention the opportunities that she has had in racing because she is a woman.

I don't get it...  We are supposed to treat everyone as equal, yet we're supposed to listen to the announcers go on and on about how special and/or different it is because it's Danica.  Can't everyone at this point call here a "driver" or a "racer" and leave it at that?

So much for me thinking that Nascar was over the "over hyping" of Danica.  It's back at full song.

That's one of the reasons I like NHRA.  Whether the driver has a penis or not doesn't seem to be nearly as much of a story line.... 

Didn't think it was possible for Nascar to push more folks away from the sport, but they're off to a great start already.


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The "Dog Trackin' 500" 3-Wide 2/10/2018 3:38:14 PM