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My first racing photo- Del George 1970

My first racing photo- Del George 1970  

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Author: Jack Kromer   Date: 1/2/2019 8:33:50 PM   

"My First Racing Photo"
The first picture that I'm posting this year is of another first--my first racing photo that I made.
I got to thinking the other day about all the decades of doing racing photography and I wondered which photograph was my first racing photo ever shot. Turns out my first racing photo that I ever shot was of Del George at Nazareth in 1970. Back when I posted this picture of Del awhile earlier on here, I knew it was one of my earliest racing pictures and probably from my first roll or two of film at the races. Turns out it was, but back when I posted it, I had no idea it was my first racing picture.
Today I had the chance to go look for my old photo album containing my first racing prints. After moving some stuff, it was like playing "Twister" to get to that spot and then back out. I'm glad that I didn't blow out a knee or wreck my back while in those positions retrieving it. Haha. 
After looking at my first racing prints that I shot, I found out by the dates on that first batch that I only shot eight photographs during my first time taking a camera to the races at Nazareth in 1970. Originally, I thought I shot a few rolls that year. Nope..I only shot a partial roll from that 12 exposure roll of film at one race. 
I found those original negatives today, but the first three shots and the last few are missing. After looking at the negative numbers on that old film, I found out that film frame number four was a family picture of my sisters. Dad must have shot that and the pictures before it. I now think my old Kodak Hawkeye Instamatic camera (pictured here) was Dad's to begin with and that he got it for free when he sent in some coupon thing on some promotion. Eventually, I started using that camera more and then he just gave it to me to use. I found my old camera in a drawer when we went through some old stuff there years ago at my parent's house. I still have that camera. 
Frame number five on that film roll was of Del George in the O'Hare #52. Now I know that picture was my first ever racing photo. A photo of Bob Malzahn was my second racing photo that I made, followed by Jackie Evans in the 73 and Bobby Bottcher in the 666.
Back then, in the early years, I was so shy and/or afraid to talk to the racers. I was a fan of Del, but never talked to him..for many decades. 
I think it was about 45 years after I made this first picture of Del, that I finally ended up meeting him and then had the chance to talk to him. 
That was cool. 
Del is cool.

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My first racing photo- Del George 1970 Jack Kromer 1/2/2019 8:33:50 PM