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Folks - Sorry to keep throwing the black flag...

Folks - Sorry to keep throwing the black flag...  

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Author: 3-Wide   Date: 6/24/2020 8:45:21 PM   

...but so far this week, I've had to delete 4 posts (and it's only Wednesday) because for some reason, in today's world, people have no problem posting stuff without any reference/link/support info.

Is it just me, or is that irresponsible?  If no source is being provided, I have to ask, why are people posting it here?  Are they trying to inform?  Are they trying to create excitement?  Are they trying to be get the scoop?  Are they doing so without really knowing if what they are posting about is absolutely true/correct/accurate?

Let me make this real clear:  We (moderators and I) don't want it here.

If someone is going to post something that is actually racing related news, is it too much to expect that folks should include a credible news source, such as a link to a real newspaper that people pay for, or a real news outlet that still has a slight chance of getting a story at least partially right?   (By the way... be careful here because there's a lot of media vehicles out there that position themselves as "news" but are really in the ratings/clicks/subscriber/other business more than the "getting it right" business...  Fill in the names as you feel fit, - no need to list them here....)

When people post stuff on here that is not true... or maybe only partially true... then other folks will see it.. then they'll tell others that they read about it on 3 Wide's... and then I/we look like a horse's azz.

I've never been shy about admitting that I need absolutely no help in making myself look like a horse's azz all by myself, so please, let me keep flying solo when it comes to that...Laughing

What I need is for those who post on the board from time to time, to immediately get out of the breaking news "HERE" business....  Use your Facebook page, other social media, or other message boards to get a story/partial story out there quickly if you must... but don't do it here. 

Unless it is something racing related that you personally witnessed... unless it involves you/your family/your business....  and UNLESS YOU CAN PROVIDE A LINK TO A REAL NEWS SOURCE, it's ok to let it pass, and let us all find out about it via other channels.  (By the way...the one that really grinds me the most is when somebody posts, "I'm not sure if it's true or not, but I heard that _____________...  Does anyone know if it's true?"Frown

This board is not meant to "break news," and when there is "news" out there worth hearing about, we do not want you to post it here without providing a valid news source (one that people actually pay $ to read or watch).... and not somebody's social media page, blog or unsourced on line news clip. 

I don't care if everybody else on the planet has been made aware of something before it ever/if it ever shows up here.  Really guys... That's not why I'm here, and that is never what this board is ever to be used for.

I've told people that when it comes to news, we never have to be first, but we always have to be right. 

Please guys... use a little self control.  Only post if it's racing related, and if you have a source that you know you can trust, and are willing to include that credible source (link to the actual story) within your post.

Sorry to be back in the role of officiating here guys, but it's time for a lot of us to take a deep breath and maybe think before posting stuff that you're about to relay to the visitors of this site as NEWS... when you may not even really be sure if it's valid.

Thanks for giving it some thought.

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Folks - Sorry to keep throwing the black flag... 3-Wide 6/24/2020 8:45:21 PM