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New Message Vault Feature: "The BIG Picture"

New Message Vault Feature: "The BIG Picture"  

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Author: 3-Wide   Date: 6/25/2020 5:14:35 PM   

In the world of digital images, big pictures take up a lot of digital space, and that's one of the reasons why we ask you guys when posting here to post stuff at a size that makes for easy viewing, without taking up the screen...   (We also don't like to post high resolution images as a way of curbing non-legit photo sellers who offer attempt to offer photos for sale where they were not the photographer, and have no idea/don't care to know who the real photographer was.)

On the other hand, sometimes the "life" of a picture isn't really felt until you get to see the image expanded to where you can see what was obvious before, but can also see what wasn't so obvious.  It's then that you get drawn into a picture and really start feeling it... Seeing stuff that in many cases, had gone unseen for 40 or 50 years....

So, here's this week's installment of "The BIG Picture", provided to us by Dan & Ray Lemasters, from the Doris Lemaster's collection.  I thought you Nazareth fans from the late 60's/early 70's might like "The BIG Picture view of this one:

Comments Welcome.  (Who are some of the cars/drivers in the picture... What's up with the guy on the track with the red hat with his arms up in the air.... While you're at it, what's up with that red hat? Surprised...  How about the background.... What's there now?  Anybody recognize any of the passenger cars/trucks in the infield?  Looks like maybe a '62'ish Impala with the trunk open....)

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New Message Vault Feature: "The BIG Picture" 3-Wide 6/25/2020 5:14:35 PM