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Please Read - A Message to All Vault Visitors

Please Read - A Message to All Vault Visitors  

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Author: 3-Wide   Date: 10/3/2020 9:38:37 PM   

It’s been a strange and difficult year for many…. All of us have made some kind of adjustments, and it looks like we will continue to do so for at least the foreseeable future. 

Every day that goes by, we all do our best to figure out the new normal…, and to adjust to things as they change… day by day… week by week. 

Events have been delayed, and in many cases cancelled. 

Thanks to a very dedicated group of volunteers, and with the help from the short track racing community, while there will not be a gathering of folks for this year’s Matheny Christmas Party, there will be a virtual Matheny Christmas Party 2020 on Saturday December 19th. 

Thoughts are that Santa will be on camera in a remote setting, with a traveling video screen at Matheny that will make stops in student’s rooms, allowing Santa to visit, and to present them their gifts. 

For those who may not know the history of how there became a connection between the local racing community and this very special school, it started when a young Sammy Beavers was on a school class trip, and visited the facility as a child.  It was such a powerful experience that he never forgot about those less fortunate, and hoped that someday, he could do something for the kids at that school….  Years later, Sam, a well-respected short track modified racer, was able to move others to action from the racing community to help support the school.  Ace Lane Jr, Mike Grbac, Ken Kulhman are some of the names I’ve heard were involved in those very early years.  I am grateful for what they started, and what continues today.  

In recent years (it’s been quite a few!), Kevin Eyres and his family, along with a very dedicated group of volunteers, sees to it that the connection between the local racing community and this very important school remains in place….  It all comes together each year in a Christmas Party that is all about giving some moments of joy to those who need it the most.

Although the party is still over 2 months away, this is actually the time of the year when the lists are being put together, so that Santa and his helpers will know just what each student is hoping for.  With the extra challenges that are expected this year in “gift gathering,” Santa hopes to have that list in hand in the next few weeks, so that there is a little extra time to get to work in the workshop… and/or perhaps make a stop at Walmart, Target, Best Buy, etc., just in case the workshop needs a helping hand with a few of the requested items….

This is where those of you who enjoy visiting our site… who stop by from time to time to check out the pictures and the great comments (from what I really believe are some of the most knowledgeable, and some of the greatest racing folks you could ever meet) can help keep the great tradition going.  In fact, we are counting on you!

We try not to ask for much around here… The site works because of the pictures, followed up by the thoughts and comments that you guys provide.  We all have something in common, and that is a connection to what will always be "our" greatest days of short track racing…and what will always be considered a very special time in our lives.  We don’t sell memberships… We don’t ask you to buy trinkets and doo dads…, but what we do ask at this time of the year is that each of you please support this great tradition. 

You can support this year's Matheny Christmas Party, to be held on Saturday December 19th, by helping out in any way that you can...  $5, $10, $20, $50, $? (Maybe an amount that represents your all-time favorite driver's car #...)  Maybe a gift card to Walmart , Target or possibly a Visa gift card that can be used to purchase gifts... Whatever you can do to help this year’s effort will be greatly appreciated!

Checks or gift cards can be sent to:

 RJC Charities

70 Albert Drive

Parlin, NJ, 08859

Attn:  Bob Caramella   (Please Note:  Matheny School Party in the memo line.)

(RJC will return a tax exempt voucher to you if requested - (Please provide a mailing address where to send the voucher.)


Donations via Paypal can be made through a link on the RJC Charities Website:    (As mentioned above, RJC will return a tax exempt voucher to you if requested - (Please provide a mailing address where to send the voucher.)


Checks or gift cards to be used for the purchase of gifts for the students can also be mailed to: 

Kevin Eyres

144 Mercer Rd

Colts Neck, NJ  07722


If you'd like, please email me (3Wide@optonline. net ) after you've reached out to RJC Charities, or to Kevin, and I will let them know to be on the look-out for "a something" from you.  They will follow up with an email to you so that you know that your support was received, and appreciated! 

Thank you for reading this and for understanding what the support of the local racing community means to the kids at the Matheny School.  Thank you to those who started the tradition way back when, and thank you Vault Visitors for allowing our site to help Kevin and his folks keep the tradition going.


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Please Read - A Message to All Vault Visitors 3-Wide 10/3/2020 9:38:37 PM