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Favorite Show - Stories Updated

Favorite Show - Stories Updated  

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Author: T-Hem   Date: 2/18/2021 4:13:55 PM   

Here are all the stories that were gathered from Round 1.  

The next round will be up shortly

Lots of good ones.  Freedom 76 - lights will eventually go out was a fan favorite

Event Name Interesting Stories
4 20's at Flemington  
All Star Racing League finale at Nazareth National  
Hearn's "Big Show" at Albany Saratoga (also known as Malta)  
Charlie Bray Shows at Nazareth Speedway  
Coal cracker at Big Diamond  
Doug Hoffman Memorial at Bridgeport  
Eastern States Weekend ... the granddaddy of them all  For over 30 years, had the equivalent of a bachelor party in the Poconos on the Saturday before the ES200. Eventually, my sons were old enough to join the group with a few of their friends. Great times and a classic race that should not be missed!
Flemington 200's old Schaffer Series Flemington 200 when held at night at the end of the season. 200-who can forget Mike McKinney controversy?,

when it was held Memorial Day Weekend. Cars from all over the Northeast would should up for a 1 day race. Classic battle between the Billy O in the #73 and Kenny Brightbill in the #19. Plus like Ed said the Mike McKinney race was a classic. 

TRI-TRACK SERIES  at Flemington ! Outstanding !
Fonda 200  
Freedom 76 at Grandview always use to draw cars in from all over the area. More cars use to go home than qualify. The cars linning up the Front Stretch before the main event, always built the excitemnet up.  Never forgot the time they evacuted the Grandstand because of a Bomb Scare.

. I've been going to Grandview for 49 years now and was the first track that my old man ever took me to. Alot of great memories come to mind when i think of Grandview Speedway. From my dad explaining what he knew about the cars (not a whole hell of alot, but he was a great bullshitter), from working on a late model and making great friends for 3-4 years, To simply hearing Ernie Saxton regurgitating the same tired lines and still giggling at them, " Theres a blue ford pickup in the parking lot that has their lights on. They'll eventually turn themselves off".

But back to why this is one of my favorite events. ONE class of cars that has the best of the best drivers entered. Usually a well run show with a great party atmosphere. For some reason, i always just feel like im attending somethign "special" there.

The old girl has seen her better days and needs ALOT of TLC, but i simply can't discount this event because management has let the place go.
Jerry Fried's 1 1/8 For me it was any race on Jerry Fried's 1 1/8.  the lead would change on every lap and some laps the new leader would come form 8th or 9th the previous lap.
Joie Chitwood Thrill Show at Nazareth half mile  
King of the Can  
Knoxville Nationals If you have never been to the Nationals, it may be hard to understand.  Been a long time racing fan, but was not expecting the fan experience of the Knoxvile Nationals.  Something to do and see every day.  If I could only go to 1 event per year, this is it.  It is great
Langhorne National Open  
Lebanon 100 at Penn National  
Mr. Dirt Track USA  
National Open Langhorne  
Nazareth 1/2 mile 4-25's  
NY Lebanon Valley   
NY State Fair Grounds Super Dirt week - NY St. Fairgrounds/Syracuse Being a Dirt bad as it was at times...but as great as it was at and fun...sometimes good racing...mostly bad...but the fun sure outweighed the bad...Syracuse Super Dirt Week...especially the years being involved with the winning team. Nothing more exciting then capping off a lonnnnng week of hard work and partying, on the stage Sunday  Something I will never forget.

As a teen fan it was all about Langhorne Nat Open. When I was racing it was Super Dirt Week at Syracuse..Originally called The Sheafer 100 When I ran it

liked it best when it was the Schaffer 100.  

Alot of the people didn't enjoy the racing but came for the atmosphere and partying. I, for one, LOVED the racing at the mile. There was alot of strategy that played into doing well on Sunday. I don't mind pit strategy or tire conservation or fuel conservation (cept of course if you expand your fuel cell with compressed air so it will hold more than 24.5 gallons of fuel...SDW XL) going into winning the race.

Last year Friesen won the race on “fuel strategy” and said after the race, “I started conserving (fuel) during the national anthem.”
NY State Fair Grounds Super Dirt week - Oswego  
Port Royal Labor Day Fair shows  Quick well run show with many big names getting a feel for the track for the upcoming Tuscarora 50 later that week...PLUS the best selection of food to be had at really reasonable prices !!!
Reading 4 25's  
Reading Daniel Boone 200 at NYSF My first trip to the 200 was with my 2 buddies, we got there late , parked in the infield, and with no seats available, we stood on the trunk of my old 61 Buick special. It was quite an experience, carefully trying to spin around, not bumping the other 2, and not getting dizzy and fall off -- 200 TIMES !!!!
Spring Sizzler@Stafford  
STSS Shows at BAPS and Big D (North/South Shootout) I picked the former because I like the red clay and, more importantly, usually see 3-Widers there
STSS Shows at Big Diamond (North/South Shootout) Picked Big D because it brings the North series and South series together
Trenton 200 got to see the southern drivers some became cup drivers
Turkey Derby  
Wendy's/Shammy Shine...whatever it was called year to year 200  
Williams Grove National, especially when it was a 150 lapper Used to get big names before WoO
World Finals at Charlotte Just the three top classes of cars that run on dirt for three nights in a row. Track is always in top notch condition and the area has every and anything that you would want to do during the day at your disposal. Probably the best bang for your buck in Dirt Track racing.

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Favorite Show - Stories Updated T-Hem 2/18/2021 4:13:55 PM