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Msg ID: 2421653 John Mc. - Retreads +0/-0     
2/13/2017 7:46:02 PM

I bought a pair of Marsh Retreads back in '79 for the front of my 99. Although the tires were plenty sticky, they were heavy and had basically a street tire sidewall causing a push condition that the car never had before. It was then back to our old reliable M&H Racemasters with a more flexible sidewall. I was just hoping for a little advantage, something that is frowned upon today. Mark Yaple.

Msg ID: 2421675 John Mc. - Retreads +0/-0     
2/13/2017 8:40:56 PM

Reply to: 2421653

That "looking for a little advantage" is what this sport was all about. 

I hope it's not totally a thing of the past, but with all the rules, and spec this... and sealed that, it is probably just about impossible now.

Msg ID: 2421684 John Mc. - Retreads +0/-0     
2/13/2017 9:17:13 PM

Reply to: 2421675

Wall Stadium ran them on their street stocks (Towell City) for probably 15 years, from the early 90's on and they were God sent. Cheap and they would last a dozen races or more. You would blow them out before they wore out.  They worked well and everyone had to run them, so it was an even playing field.

Msg ID: 2421717 John Mc. - Retreads +0/-0     
Author:Rick Shive
2/14/2017 6:03:28 AM

Reply to: 2421684

Karl Freyer told me that Towel City retreads run at Nazareth were made from old GN tires, very stiff sidewalls. If you ever get to talk to Karl, ask him about him and Frankie Schneider testing them for Jerry Fried, pretty good story, at least with Karl telling it!

Msg ID: 2421726 John Mc. - Retreads +0/-0     
Author:John Mc
2/14/2017 7:53:47 AM

Reply to: 2421653

We ran them on the back of the 301 at Nazareth for a short time when they tried a soft surface at the start of the '75 season. Seemed to be pretty good, I guess it depended on what tire they capped to determine the sidewall stiffness. After a month or so we switched to EWS and ran drag tires, so I don't remember what happened to them after that. I do remember the Nazareth Towel City tires being a bitch to mount because of the stiff sidewalls, but I don't think we raced there during the recap era, just for the Charlie Bray races which of course were open tires.

Msg ID: 2421733 John Mc. - Retreads +0/-0     
Author:Rick Shive
2/14/2017 8:26:04 AM

Reply to: 2421726

Randy raced there a few times with them, took all day to mount 3 of them! Used a G78-15 whitewall on the left front!

Msg ID: 2421742 John Mc. - Retreads +0/-0     
2/14/2017 9:05:53 AM

Reply to: 2421733

would of been nice to have beadlocks back in the day!

Msg ID: 2421750 John Mc. - Retreads +0/-0     
Author:Roger Laureno
2/14/2017 10:13:18 AM

Reply to: 2421726

We finished 3rd in the last 200 lapper ever at Nazareth running the mandated Towel City retreads.I remember with about 80 laps to go, the cap flew off the rt rr and I think the car got better.

They were a bear to mount and we were struggling to get air into them (tubeless)  when Bob Hoke came by and showed us an old trucker trick. Spray a bunch of starting fluid inside and leave a trail to the outside for a fuse , lite a match and and run. 

disclaimer:  this is for trained professionals only -- do not try this at home  


Msg ID: 2421759 John Mc. - Retreads +0/-0     
Author:John Mc
2/14/2017 10:45:21 AM

Reply to: 2421750
Yep...I've seen guys hook the air hose to the valve stem, then kink the hose, spray ether inside the tire, toss a match and BAM!!! Simultaneously release the air hose and the tire seats and inflates....not that I would ever recommend doing it, right Roger?

Msg ID: 2421816 John Mc. - Retreads +0/-0     
2/14/2017 3:37:23 PM

Reply to: 2421759

I am a long time street/pro stock racer, the majority of it with recap tires. Today, it is American Racer tires and beadlocks. Quite honestly, it is far cheaper to run racing tires, they are much lighter (we never see broken axles anymore,20 years ago it would be every night) and I don't have to buy $15-20 tubes anymore.