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Msg ID: 2434242 Old TV Shows that Just Went Away... +0/-0     
4/17/2017 9:27:36 PM

I was flipping through the channels (trying to avoid commercials) and got to thinking about TV shows that are no longer on the air, and wondered whatever happened to them and the people that were on them?

I'm not even saying that they were favorite shows, but just that they use to be on... and then one day, they weren't.

Anyone remember "Unique Whips"?

Anyone else have any car/motorcycle/mechanical/racing shows that they used to watch that just one day were no longer on air?


Msg ID: 2434250 Old TV Shows that Just Went Away... +0/-0     
Author:Jack Kromer
4/17/2017 10:08:17 PM

Reply to: 2434242

"My Mother The Car" comes to mind. LOL. That show did disappear and for good reasons. It was pretty bad. Tongue Out

Msg ID: 2434440 It's still on ME TV... +0/-0     
Author:Ricky Rutt
4/18/2017 6:51:53 PM

Reply to: 2434250

or one of the channels near that one on the dial.

Msg ID: 2434251 Old TV Shows that Just Went Away... +0/-0     
4/17/2017 10:09:01 PM

Reply to: 2434242
Jalopy racing from Hollywood.....came on Saturday nights on channel 11 out of NY. Remember a guy who won all the time ..Termite Schnider.

Msg ID: 2434265 Old TV Shows that Just Went Away... +0/-0     
Author:bob lowery
4/17/2017 11:16:45 PM

Reply to: 2434251

Watched every show ! Real grass roots racing . Great book with lots of pic's and year end standings . 200 hundred pages . think it was about 40 bucks and autographed to boot.

Msg ID: 2434267 Old TV Shows that Just Went Away... +0/-0     
Author:bob lowery
4/17/2017 11:48:17 PM

Reply to: 2434265

Two more pic"s

Msg ID: 2434272 Old TV Shows that Just Went Away... +0/-0     
4/18/2017 12:09:30 AM

Reply to: 2434267

" Lover Boy " Hogle went on to be a big time Sprint Car guy at Ascot Park

Msg ID: 2434270 Old TV Shows that Just Went Away... +0/-0     
4/18/2017 12:05:14 AM

Reply to: 2434265

And they made every 32-34 Ford worth $50.000 today because they used them all up!!

Msg ID: 2434329 Old TV Shows that Just Went Away... +0/-0     
Author:L . I . Nomad
4/18/2017 10:04:46 AM

Reply to: 2434251

Happy Huillagan in the 13 . That was fun stuff !

Msg ID: 2434259 Old TV Shows that Just Went Away... +0/-0     
4/17/2017 10:41:31 PM

Reply to: 2434242
Thursday night thunder.

Msg ID: 2434278 Old TV Shows that Just Went Away... +0/-0     
4/18/2017 4:22:10 AM

Reply to: 2434259

As well as Saturday Night Thunder.    Youtube has a bunch of Thurs/Sat Night Thunder videos: 

Msg ID: 2434281 Old TV Shows that Just Went Away... +0/-0     
4/18/2017 5:06:14 AM

Reply to: 2434242

Unique Whips is still on but renamed West Coast Customs.  Will Castro...the tint the window, bolt on aftermarket king.

Velocity channel has a lot of hot rod style programming and when I'm searching for mindless TV to watch that does not require any brainpower to process that is my go to channel.

Personally there are a quite a few good shows of interest there; not spectacular in the cerebral sense, but interesting none the less.

My favorite is the Ken Dig IT "Bitchin Rides" guy.  They do some great work and I do find that Kevin guy somewhat amusing.

Chip Foose is too corporate but the stuff they build is spectacular.

The suprise one that I really enjoy, as real mechanics, are the two english guys that revamp something.  don't remember the show name but they have a good program.

Oh, shows that I liked and don't see anymore, that was the topic.  I liked one of the NASCAR weekly shows that had a certain crew that worked well together.  They had a real chemistry and insightful - non social media crap of today - coverage of racing.  It was the one that had Jimmy Spencer as part of the show with the crying towel.  I didn't care too much for that segment at times but more often than not he was funny and more importantly right.  I mention the Jimmy Spencer thing because I can't rememer the name of the show but anyone that saw him in that would remeomber that time period and perhaps the show name.

Msg ID: 2434284 Old TV Shows that Just Went Away... +0/-0     
4/18/2017 5:31:05 AM

Reply to: 2434242

 RPM TONITE on espn with john kernan

Msg ID: 2434287 Old TV Shows that Just Went Away... +0/-0     
4/18/2017 6:47:07 AM

Reply to: 2434242

Racing from Reading in mid sixties.

Msg ID: 2434290 Old TV Shows that Just Went Away... +0/-0     
4/18/2017 7:05:05 AM

Reply to: 2434287


Msg ID: 2434299 Old TV Shows that Just Went Away... +0/-0     
4/18/2017 8:22:50 AM

Reply to: 2434290

Yes, Wacky Races cartoon--don't know why but was a big Red Baron fan. Used to watch it on a Saturday morning and head down Rte 31 in the pm.

Msg ID: 2434301 Old TV Shows that Just Went Away... +0/-0     
Author:md racer
4/18/2017 8:38:06 AM

Reply to: 2434299

The Bowery Boys movie was titled "Jalopy" and their car was a Model T. Seems Satch came up with a secret fuel  ingredient. Race scenes had the T racing against the old '37 modifieds with Leo Gorcey driving. I think Mikey Waltrip used the additive at Daytona a few years ago. Lol.

Msg ID: 2434331 Old TV Shows that Just Went Away... +0/-0     
4/18/2017 10:16:15 AM

Reply to: 2434301

Unique Whips, like Kevan said, was a bolt on everything and put huge speakers in it show.  Came out of the genre where it was vogue to yell and scream at your employees like OC Chopper.  Glad that style went away. Now the show I like is Ian Roussel "Full Custom Garage". It lacks episodes, but the guy can build anything you can think of and seems like a real nice guy, not the screamer.

Msg ID: 2434342 Old TV Shows that Just Went Away... +0/-0     
Author:Jack Burroughs
4/18/2017 11:20:18 AM

Reply to: 2434331

I still enjoy the "Barny Miller" show on the lessernetworks.

Msg ID: 2434343 Old TV Shows that Just Went Away... +0/-0     
4/18/2017 11:28:34 AM

Reply to: 2434342

What about the little rascals and there down hill race against Waldo. How about the bowery boys out in the desert going in circles with the sound of screaching rubber in the sand.


Msg ID: 2434459 Kevin - I think I know the show you mean... +0/-0     
4/18/2017 8:02:52 PM

Reply to: 2434331

Don't the name of it, but the guy has a dog in his shop right?

If it's the show, I really like it, but I gotta hit mute when that guy "Victor" starts talking.  Is he on all the time?

Like the way the host tackles projects... Everything is possible... Not afraid to cut up anything once he has his vision of what he wants to do.

Msg ID: 2435001 Old TV Shows that Just Went Away... +0/-0     
4/21/2017 10:26:58 PM

Reply to: 2434299

The Wacky Racers. We watched it every Saturday morning and when the cars came over the finish line each week we tried to write down the finish & keep points each week. My favorite was the Slate Brothers Rock & Gravel!

Msg ID: 2434348 Old TV Shows that Just Went Away... +0/-0     
Author:Uncle Tom
4/18/2017 11:48:48 AM

Reply to: 2434242

Call me "sappy" is you must, but the Decades channel just ran a "Family Affair" marathon this past weekend. I think I spent more time watching different episodes of that this past weekend then anything else. Such tragic deaths to some of the actors in this program. Brian Keith (Uncle Bill) suicide at age 75....3 weeks after his daughter comitted suicide. Annisa Jones (Buffy) drug overdose at age 18. Sebastion Cabot died rather "normally" at age 59 of a stroke. Only two living cast members left.....Jody (Johnny Whittaker) and Cissy( Cathy Garver). I guess I love that show so much because it reminds me of my childhood and the fact that my sister that passed had a Mrs. Beasley doll, just like Buffy.

Msg ID: 2434370 Old TV Shows that Just Went Away... +0/-0     
4/18/2017 1:26:44 PM

Reply to: 2434242

I always enjoyed Wind Tunnel with Dave Despain

Msg ID: 2434383 Old TV Shows that Just Went Away... +0/-0     
4/18/2017 2:22:38 PM

Reply to: 2434370
I think Dick Atkinson was killed out there in Turkey Night race with Don Branson. Sad night two greats gone.

Msg ID: 2434394 Old TV Shows that Just Went Away... +0/-0     
4/18/2017 3:31:04 PM

Reply to: 2434370

   The Big Wheel          Mickey Rooney          The Big Wheel (Full Movie) - YouTube

Msg ID: 2434431 Old TV Shows that Just Went Away... +0/-0     
4/18/2017 6:11:12 PM

Reply to: 2434394

One of the best race movies. Some bad editing but still pretty good for back then.

Msg ID: 2434453 Old TV Shows that Just Went Away... +0/-0     
Author:John Mc
4/18/2017 7:39:42 PM

Reply to: 2434242

NHRA Today and Inside Drag Racing. I was on IDR once, they were interviewing Linda Vaughn in the Mr Gasket Perf Group booth in front of the Hurst display and I was standing right behind her, lol. I was repping Hamburger's Oil Pans because Mr Gasket owned them at the time, so we were right next to Hurst. Couldn't miss the ol' mullet, lol! Still have the VHS tape...

Msg ID: 2434501 Old TV Shows that Just Went Away... +0/-0     
Author:Double D fan
4/19/2017 1:20:54 AM

Reply to: 2434453

The Wacky Racers had a Professor Pat Pending, who drove a white #3. Dizzy Dean at the time was driving a white sprinter #3. Guess who I cheered for every week???


Msg ID: 2434507 Old TV Shows that Just Went Away... +0/-0     
4/19/2017 7:44:00 AM

Reply to: 2434501

Wacky Racers Intro:

From a time when there was very little to do with racing on TV, other than a few pre-recorded races on Wide World of Sports, Speed Racer cartoon, "Jalopy" from the Bowery Boys, and the Abbott and Costello movie where Lou "raced midgets".

Msg ID: 2434562 Old TV Shows that Just Went Away... +0/-0     
4/19/2017 3:15:18 PM

Reply to: 2434242

Joe While I never liked Unique Whips filmed out on Long Island owned by the Castro family with its hip hop theme and usually every car or truck was a clone of 22 inch rims and 3 gazillion watt stereos with 200 screens and lowered that was owned by a rap artist (?) ARTIST ? or a NBA player..... repeats can be seen on Velocity and MSG network in the weeee hours . Having Verizon Fios I did a search and found multi listings all repeats but still on the air..ALONG  with West Coast Customs.  -----

Mike O'Brien

Msg ID: 2434579 Old TV Shows that Just Went Away... +0/-0     
Author:Rick Shive
4/19/2017 4:19:12 PM

Reply to: 2434562

My favorite.

Msg ID: 2434599 Old TV Shows that Just Went Away... +0/-0     
4/19/2017 6:21:23 PM

Reply to: 2434579

Same here Rick.

Msg ID: 2434592 Unique Whips +0/-0     
4/19/2017 5:54:53 PM

Reply to: 2434562

I wasn't a big fan of the Unique Whips show as far as content goes, and wasn't really a fan of the type of cars that came out of the shop, but it brought it up because it was the first reality show that I remember that was based on a working automotive shop, where the personalities of the shop were as big of a storyline as the actual work the shop produced.

Now there has to be at least 15 other car/truck/custom shows on now that have that theme (where the personalities are a big part of the show), but the original (Unique Whips) just seemed to go away.

Speaking of car shows, more in line with straight repair, I remember "Two Guys Garage" with Sam Memello and Dave(?) as being one of the first how to repair your car show (not hot rods/customs.)  Seems all of the shows that have come along since then are how to customize stuff, and again, the show that might have been the originator went away.  Another early one from years ago that I remember was Goff's Garage (out of Maryland maybe?)

Msg ID: 2434614 Old TV Shows that Just Went Away... +0/-0     
4/19/2017 7:47:00 PM

Reply to: 2434242

How about the Red Green Show. One episode showed how to do body repair by using body filler with duct tape.

Crazy crazy show.


Msg ID: 2434665 Old TV Shows that Just Went Away... +0/-0     
4/20/2017 7:50:34 AM

Reply to: 2434614

Red Green also showed us all how to take two Chrysler (or Plymouth or Dodge, I don't remember) mini-vans and make one very long one and one very short one through creative use, wonder, and magic of duct tape.

Someone also mentioned the two British guys- that show is "Wheeler Dealers".  I really like the mechnic, Edd (extra D at no extra charge!).  He does everything without any drama, does not always have everything go his way, but shows exactly what he is doing.  The other thing I like about this show is that they feature some cool British only cars and imports to the UK that you don't see here.

Msg ID: 2435169 Old TV Shows that Just Went Away... +0/-0     
4/22/2017 5:43:25 PM

Reply to: 2434665

i love the way edd china says the word "carburetor"