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Msg ID: 2462014 Are There Any Where Did You Go/How Was The Show? +0/-0     
9/4/2017 2:45:51 PM

I got to Georgetown earlier in the week and wrote a quick recap.  Watched a bunch of TV racing that I had DVR'd yestereday, but didn't get to any races this weekend? 

Any of you guys make it to the races anywhere this past week?  If so, let us know where you went, and if your $'s were well spent!

Msg ID: 2462087 Are There Any Where Did You Go/How Was The Show? +0/-0     
Author:George Perkins
9/4/2017 7:40:45 PM

Reply to: 2462014

My son and I made our annual trek over to Crowley's Ridge Raceway outside of Paragould, Arkansas Friday for the Comp Cams Late Model series show. This is a regional touring series that draws the better drivers from five or six states. There is always somebdody from one of the national tours there. This year it was Billy Moyer jr.

The facility is very basic, bordering on crude yet it has it's own charm. Stands are concrete so you bring camping chairs. The track itself is a tiny 1/4, more like a 1/5 and not lit too well. High banked and racy as all getout. It normally goes black pretty early but Harvey hit it pretty hard and it was rough and tacky.

The feature was awesome, two and three wide all race long. You could have thrown a blanket over the top three at the checkers, second place was decided coming off four. The show also had 305 sprints from the mid south sprint association, 600 mini sprints ( who turned in the fatsest times of the night ) and the local street stocks. $20 ticket prices and great inexpensive food. It can't be beat. 

It takes a few trips to this place to fully appreciate it as it's so different. It never disappoints. They raced their regular show the next night and the stands were packed as they are every week. 

Likes...everything, especially the fact they don't sell beer and there is no dealing with drunks, a great family atmosphere.

Dislikes...the headers that exit out the side of the fenders that the street stocks all run these days. They sound like crap. :)

Msg ID: 2462119 Are There Any Where Did You Go/How Was The Show? +0/-0     
9/4/2017 9:43:55 PM

Reply to: 2462087

Went to Clyde Martin Speedway for day 1 of their Labor day races as a paying fan in the stands.

Likes:  Best bang for your buck in racing!  $6.00 admission for seniors,  over 150 race cars.  60 of them being 600 micros, the rest were 270's,  125's and sportsman somethings.   Racing was non stop from 4:30 to 9pm when we left with features still to go and a 2 hour drive home.  Today was wing day and the racing was great. Multiple grooves and plenty of passing throughout the field with at least 10 cars per race on the 1/8 mile dirt, high bank track.  Food was good, reasonably priced and varied from pizza to pulled pork.  Full view of track from any seat,  track crew was excellant.   Announcer was good with car number, driver name and starting position.  Over 20 preliminary races, with heat races, A main qualifiers, consis' and B mains.   One car going for the lead did a half cartwheel, landed on his wheels, kept going and only lost one spot!  

Dislikes:  Although most races were won from the front row there was passing throughout the field til the checkered flag.  I'm not sure how line ups were determined.

Could have done without the loud music during track prep.

Going back:  This was my 3rd year in a row for their Labor day event.  Can't wait for next year. 

Msg ID: 2462168 Are There Any Where Did You Go/How Was The Show? +0/-0     
9/5/2017 8:24:26 AM

Reply to: 2462014

Langley Speedway Hampton Va as a fan in the stands.

I happened to be in Virginia Beach and went to see the K&N Series on Monday afternoon.  Nice facility with reasonable admission and great consession prices.  5 divisions started right on time at 4:15 Qualifying was done earlier in the day.  Light car counts and only 14 in the K&N race.  

Dislikes, too many politicians spewing nonsense before the race.  Constant comericals over the pa and the light car counts.  Likes, great pricing on everything, nice clean modern facility and a well run show.

I don't think I'll ever get back, but if you are in the area check it out.

Msg ID: 2462202 Are There Any Where Did You Go/How Was The Show? +0/-0     
Author:Kevin Mc
9/5/2017 10:44:25 AM

Reply to: 2462168
Southern 500- Darlington Raceway, SC. NASCAR leaves me cold for all the usual reasons these days but Darlington is like a trip back in time. Its been modernized but still has that old school feel to it. I don't know how high ticket prices can get but there's several packages available to get in on a budget. We sat in turn 4 and bought 2 tickets for $150 with a $50 Outback gift card included so it worked out to $50 each. Not bad. We didn't hurry to leave but once we decided to get going about two hours after the race ended we never slowed down leaving the parking lot and the highway behind turns 2 and 3 was wide open. The sightlines are good unless you sit really low. I'll definitely go back next year Lord willing. Dislikes are minor... the solitary video board in the infield is nowhere large enough. They could use more than just one planted in the center of the infield. Also the one scoring pylon is almost impossible to read before the sun goes down. They could use a couple more of them on each end of the track too I went thru the museum last year and this year and nothing had been changed in that time. It was only $5 so it's not really a big deal but it seems to be one of those see it once and you're good deals. The Southern 500 should be on everyone's bucket list.

Msg ID: 2462250 Are There Any Where Did You Go/How Was The Show? +0/-0     
9/5/2017 2:34:20 PM

Reply to: 2462014

It's not auto racing, but it does involve dirt...


Went to MX573 in Montrose PA with my son Brian and our friend Zach. Zach is a pro motocross mechanic & his season just ended, so we all pulled out the bikes & went riding.

I've been riding with these 2 since they were both 4 year-olds, and we've spent a ton of track days together over the past 20 years.

At this point they've both gotten really fast, so I'm usually caught up in their dust wake. So "the show" for me was watching my son and Zach pull away from me all day.

And I can't wait to do it again...


Msg ID: 2462303 Matt - Didn't know you rode dirt bikes +0/-0     
9/5/2017 5:45:17 PM

Reply to: 2462250

Very cool Matt.  (Hope your back is OK!)

I still ride on ocassion.  My 250 Amateur Motocross days of the late 70's at Englishtown have way passed, but I still have a Kawasaki KDX 220 that I trail ride with...  Nothing too tricky... Just staying upright is enough of a trick for me these days! 

Here's one from 1979!:

I'm crouched down in front of the bike because if I remember right, when this was taken, the engine was on the workbench in the garage.Surprised

I have to admit that when I'm riding (these days) I feel young while I'm riding... but a few hours after I get off the bike... and things start to seize up (and I'm not talking about the bike), I start feeling really old!


Msg ID: 2462316 Matt - Didn't know you rode dirt bikes +0/-0     
9/5/2017 6:37:30 PM

Reply to: 2462303

Good positioning on that pic Joe. I'd never know it didn't have an engine in it.

We've been at this forever, and we'll always have bikes around. The next generation is up and running too, as I'm now chasing my grandson around the yard just like I chased his mom 20 years ago.


I was hurting pretty bad today, but it's worth it. There's nothing better than catching & stuffing your son in a corner. Unfortunately, I can rarely catch him anymore.

Msg ID: 2462326 Matt - Didn't know you rode dirt bikes +0/-0     
9/5/2017 7:38:07 PM

Reply to: 2462316

Speaking to catching and stuffing your son into a corner....  One of the coolest things I ever had happen to me as a dad was 6 years ago (you'll see why I remember it pretty precisely in a second) when I was riding some trails in Brookville NJ with my son Jesse who was 15 at the time.  Now granted, I had a faster bike, but he brobably weighed 80 lbs less, and was faster than me everywhere except going into a sandy left hand corner after about a 200' straight.  I would always gain on him getting into that corner so after a few laps I stopped my bike and told him to take his helmet off and just sit on his bike for a few laps just off to the inside of that corner where I was catching him... so that he could watch "the old man."

So... he kinda rolls his eyes a little but decided to do what I ask as I took off on a new lap....  Making my way around the rest of the trail, about 90 seconds later, I'm barrelling down the straight, coming up on the corner where he's watching from, and stay on the throttle as long as my 50+ year old brain would let me, and then I pitched it sideways and worked the back and front brake at the same time... kind of drifting into the corner just a little, hitting the apex just right, and then zippin' on out of the corner and up the trail for another lap... 

I did that 2 more times.... (Surprisingly, actually did it pretty well, and kind of surprised myself that I could still do it...Surprised)

On the "cool down lap", I pulled up alongside of him and shut off my bike, and right away noticed that he didn't have that "yea... so what" teenager puss on his face....  He wasn't saying a word...  I started in with that it's important to go fast, but its also just as important to go fast as long as you can, and to slow up in as short a distance as you can...and then get back on the throttle as soon as you can (didn't realize until just know how much I probably sounded like Resse Bobby!)....

He still wasn't saying anything... so I said, do you understand what I mean?

Still with kind of a surprised look, he just kind of shook his head and said to me, "Are you sure you're 51?"

Well...  I don't have to tell you that, well... that was probably the coolest thing an old fart dad on a dirt bike could probably ever hear from his teenage son.  Guess I was getting through the corner pretty well. 

Thanks for everyone for your patience.... letting me reminisce a little...


Msg ID: 2462408 Matt - Didn't know you rode dirt bikes +0/-0     
9/6/2017 1:18:27 AM

Reply to: 2462326

That's a great shared memory with Jesse & the exact reason we've always come back to bikes. We would get out of it & he'd race a Jr Dragster or the Micro Sprint for a few seasons, but Brian and I would always end up back on bikes.We both bought streetbikes last season, and we've been spending more time on those lately. Of course now we're talking about maybe trying a track day at NJMP and a Test & Tune night at Island.

There's something in us that won't allow what we do to be just for fun. We have some great memories though.

Msg ID: 2462412 NES  +0/-0     
9/6/2017 1:29:00 AM

Reply to: 2462408

Speaking of riding dirtbikes fast, I see that Mickey & Dakota Kessler are both in tonights NES results.

Both rippers on 2 wheels with national caliber speed.


Msg ID: 2462394 Are There Any Where Did You Go/How Was The Show? +0/-0     
9/5/2017 11:11:40 PM

Reply to: 2462014

Went to Weedsport Speedway as a paying fan on Labor Day to see the Super DIRT Series big block mods, 360 sprints, and pro stocks. It was both my wife and my first time at the track.

Likes: Weedsport is only a few minutes from the Thruway, so very convenient. Our first impression was very strong. We arrived late and were directed to park near the Hall of Fame by a man in golf cart, who then proceeded to take us directly to the ticket gate aboard the golf cart! What a nice gesture. On the ride we talked together about some of the great cars in the Hall, like Balough's Batmobile. We both thought that was so extremely nice for this track employee to take such good care of two fans.  

A ticket ran $25, quite reasonable for a Super Dirt Series show with sprinters on the card.

The concourse area was marvelous, and surprisingly - paved! My wife was like, 'wow, this is the nicest track I've seen.' It had many terrific vendors and shops and a covered food court with picnic tables.

Everything was really clean and freshly painted. The PA system and lighting were terrific. Fireworks were featured during the four wide salute lap and after the checkered flag waved.

The grandstands were packed full and the crowd was diverse with many younger fans and women also in attendance (another thumbs up from wife).

The track has a jumbo tron in the infield and had reporters and cameras on the scene of each wreck with updates. Victory lane is called "victory hill" as feature winners drive up a berm underneath the jumbo tron for celebrations and interviews. Really well done all around.

The racing overall was good. The third of four modified heat races was quite interesting, with Tim McCreadie and Larry Wight running side by side for several laps before McCreadie pulled out the win. Car counts seemed strong with about 38 mods and 38 sprints, give or take a couple either way.

The 360 sprint feature ran first and was quite good with a few lead changes and Danny Varin coming from fourth to first after a red flag (flip) on lap 13.

The SDS mod 100 lap race was decent, though with Friesen and Sheppard starting on the front row, it easily could have been a runaway from the initial green. Friesen held the lead until coming together with a car he was attempting to lap on around lap 44. Sheppard took the lead and Friesen recovered to hold second. A caution came out on lap 99 which created the best action of the night, as Matt Shepherd beat Friesen side by side off of turn four and down the front stretch for the win. The checkered flag waved at about 9:40. Foregoing the pro stock race, we were back on the Thruway before 10 PM.

It was really an incredibly run show. No intermission. No major track work.

Dislikes: The track was fully packed for the show, and as we arrived about 45 minutes late, we had to sit in the first row in turn 4. While I do enjoy sitting close to feel the engines and to experience the speed up close for a heat race or two, I prefer a bit more of a bird's eye view of the action for features. I am also aware that sitting that close can be an unsafe, which I was reminded of as a woman nearby was hit in the face with a large piece of clay that cleared the chain link fence, which also wasn't very high. She was ok. And although the infield was trailer-free, we did have a tough time seeing turn one from so low and due to the dust. All in all, I wonder if additional grandstand seating will be needed in the future - a terrific problem to have.

The track was slick and also dusty, never unbearable, but still maybe one notch higher than ideal.

Going back:  I would definitely return but would make sure to get to the Hall of Fame, and to arrive earlier to get a better seat!

Msg ID: 2462423 Are There Any Where Did You Go/How Was The Show? +0/-0     
9/6/2017 7:30:19 AM

Reply to: 2462014
Saturday I was in Morris, Illinois at Grumby County Speedway as a fan in the stands. Saw midgets, mini cup cars and 4 cylinder stocks. Paved oval reminded me of wall with less banking. Midgets were fast just not as many (less than 10) as I hoped. Sunday and Monday went to the DuQuoin mile in Illinois. Sunday was USAC Silver Crown cars and UMP Modified heat races. Swanson won the Silver Crown feature that had over 30 cars in it. Monday was ARCA 100 lap race and UMP Modified feature. Schrader won UMP race from the pole and Tony Stewart took second after starting tail. Brandon Grosso was impressive in his ARCA Debut qualifying in the top 10 and finishing 6th. It was very dirty but I would go back.