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Msg ID: 2463416 1973 Reading photos +0/-0     
9/11/2017 6:28:19 PM

Here are two photos taken at Reading in 1973 of Kenny Brightbill and Bobby Braxton.I have the photos.

Msg ID: 2463427 1973 Reading photos +0/-0     
9/11/2017 8:31:38 PM

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Very cool, Thanks for posting...


Msg ID: 2463477 1973 Reading photos +0/-0     
9/12/2017 12:31:01 AM

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braxton is laying it over on the right like they do today.

Msg ID: 2463492 Lean on me... +0/-0     
Author:Bill Withers...
9/12/2017 7:43:32 AM

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Not exactly...

Here's what today's cars look like leaning through the corners at some tracks.  I mentioned that you can read the driver's name on the left side of their roof (if you can read upside down) from the spectator stands even when they are in the middle of the frontstretch.  Looks like they stay hiked over on the right side all the way around pretty much, except for when they lift.  Maybe the lettering folks will have to flip the lettering on the leftside roof line so it doesn't appear upside down.Laughing

Us old timers keep thinking something's broke, but at some tracks, this has become the fast way around.

Msg ID: 2463519 Lean on me... +0/-0     
9/12/2017 12:06:16 PM

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The 10 may have been the first Pinto dirt car, or if not, one of the first.

Msg ID: 2463554 Lean on me... +0/-0     
Author:Rick Shive
9/12/2017 3:39:50 PM

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I can't remember any at Flemington prior to '73. Ed Holland had one at Reading around this time too. Brightbill and Chamberlain started '73 with the coach/coupe, and ended it with Pintos.