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Msg ID: 2477486 Flemington Sportsman Flip - ID Needed +0/-0     
12/3/2017 7:33:16 PM

There's a white line through the original, but it looks like a #14 on the car on it's side coming out of turn 4 at Flemington.

Wayne Bechtel photo.  Provided to The Vault by Wayne Bechtel and Frank Miller.

Msg ID: 2477494 Flemington Sportsman Flip - ID Needed +0/-0     
Author:Rick Shive
12/3/2017 7:55:44 PM

Reply to: 2477486

I believe that is my first lettering job! Bill Goldswoth 14G, ‘76 rookies. My Uncle Ken Stull lettered it first, then I got hired to add a sponsor, took me 2 days to put Town Tavern, Milford, NJ on the quarter panels. I’ll ask my Uncle.


Msg ID: 2477497 Flemington Sportsman Flip - ID Needed +0/-0     
Author:Jack Kromer
12/3/2017 8:01:00 PM

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There's Ace Lane between the bucket truck and race car.

Msg ID: 2477510 Bill Goldsworth 14G +0/-0     
Author:Rick Shive
12/3/2017 9:38:43 PM

Reply to: 2477497

my Uncle confirmed it is Bill, from Upper Black Eddy. Brown Falcon, kinda old and heavy. Bill ran better than everybody in Upper Black Eddy thought he would, think he was top five in rookies that year. This flip was in the rookie championship race, if you look close, the race trophy is sitting on a post inside of the track. Interesting thing about Bill: He worked night shift (Saturday included) at the paper mill in Milford, always loaded up and left immediately after rookie feature, so if he’d ever finished top 3, he wouldn’t have been able to run the sportsman feature.This was Bill’s last race, I bought the remains of this car the next year, used it for parts. The block from the engine was used in my sprint 10 years later. 

Msg ID: 2477533 Bill Goldsworth 14G +0/-0     
Author:Greg Collins
12/4/2017 8:01:23 AM

Reply to: 2477510

Fantastic background story, Rick!