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Msg ID: 2496575 Ken Brenn Jr #24 - Flemington +0/-0     
3/13/2018 9:07:03 PM

John Lucas Photo - John McCaughey provided.



Msg ID: 2496613 Ken Brenn Jr #24 - Flemington +0/-0     
Author:Harry Meeks Sr
3/14/2018 7:15:34 AM

Reply to: 2496575

What a beautiful car, one of my favorites, I`m trying to remember but didnt he win a Labor Day race up at Syracuse in this car?...Thanks for sharing Joe.

Msg ID: 2496633 Ken Brenn Jr #24 - Flemington +0/-0     
Author:Rick Shive
3/14/2018 9:16:55 AM

Reply to: 2496613

The Labor Day win was in the Stanton car, this is an Olsen.

Msg ID: 2497167 Ken Brenn Jr #24 - Flemington +0/-0     
3/16/2018 8:08:30 AM

Reply to: 2496633
The Labor Day win was actually in the Troyer car, Billy Osmun drove the Stanton car that day.

Msg ID: 2496723 Ken Brenn Jr #24 - Flemington +0/-0     
Author:Charlie Goodman
3/14/2018 12:11:31 PM

Reply to: 2496575

  I like the 3W on the fuel can also !

Msg ID: 2496789 3W on Fuel Can +0/-0     
Author:Rich Guy
3/14/2018 3:23:18 PM

Reply to: 2496723

That 3W must have been a big sponsor back in the day. I see their "3W" logo in all of the racing photos.

Msg ID: 2496878 Stealth "3W" in The Background +0/-0     
3/14/2018 9:42:59 PM

Reply to: 2496723

We don't like to see images that are posted on our main site, and/or The Message Board posted elsewhere without photographer/provider credit, so we've found the best way to discourage it is to put a few 3W's in the background - some obvious, and some not so obvious. 

We try our best to only post images here where the image was provided to us by the photographer, or by the person who holds the original.  That way, we're not posting images that already appear elsewhere online, and, where nobody has made an attempt to identify the actual photographer or the person that actually holds the original.

There's always been very little effort to identify photographers or photo owners on most online sites/social media pages... and now it's even gotten worse.  It's even gotten to the point now where folks will lift images that have been embedded with photographer/collector/owner imformation, and will intentially crop the image really closely so that it appears to be an uncredited photo, so that they can then post it on their site as an original image.  

Not sure why they don't just post the link to where the image already appears elsewhere?

Here's what you see a lot of now:

We'll post an image like this:

Sure enough... somebody with a Facebook page or other online site will lift the image, crop it, and will post it elsewhere like this (without any photographer/provider or site credit):


...Which is why we mark up the photos a lot more than we'd like to (see same image below), and also add a few stealth "3W"s in there so that folks might be encouraged to "link" instead of "lift." 


Msg ID: 2497246 Stealth "3W" in The Background +0/-0     
Author:Rich Guy
3/16/2018 12:39:31 PM

Reply to: 2496878

Hey Joe,

I hope you know I was  just being "tongue-in-cheek" with my comment.

I think we all know why you do it, and I'm glad. If it wasn't for the photogs hanging at the tracks every weekend all season long, we wouldn't have most of these great memories.

Msg ID: 2497303 Stealth "3W" in The Background +0/-0     
3/16/2018 4:08:49 PM

Reply to: 2497246

I thought that Rich, but thought maybe others might know know the reason behind all of the 3W's and stuff.   Those of you who have been on the board and site visitors for a while know the deal.  I just figured I'd take the opportunity to explainto those who might be new to the board and were possibly wondering what the heck was going on with all the mark ups, and at the same time, hopefully encourage others to take the extra few minutes to recognize the photographers by embedding info when posting images anywhere online.

It's a pain in the azz, but I have to admit that sometimes I have fun figuring out places to stash the "3W" and/or photographer's initials.Smile


Msg ID: 2497374 Ken Brenn Jr #24 - Flemington +0/-0     
3/16/2018 8:49:49 PM

Reply to: 2496575

Maybe this isnt the Stanton car, but when I look at this picture, I cant help but think about the night that Bobby Allison came to Flemington and drove Ken Brenns Stanton car.  He was instantly competitive, and in fact, led a few of the opening laps of the feature if memory serves me. First time in the face helmet and all.. 

I also remember that bobby Hillin jr. was there on the same night and drove (I think) The A car, he couldnt hold a candle to Bobby Allison!

Anyone remember when sprint car ace Randy Wolfe came to Flemington and drove the A modified?  Around 1980 I believe.