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Msg ID: 2548501 Langhorne Indy cars 1968... +0/-0     
Author:Steve Cameron
1/3/2019 10:47:59 PM

A few from a bundle I picked up on eBay a while back.

Photo 1: Winner Gordon Johncock

Photo 2: #57 Bill Puterbaugh #2 Mario Andretti

Photo 3: #54 Wally Dallenbach #3 Bobby Unser


Msg ID: 2548518 Langhorne Indy cars 1968... +0/-0     
1/4/2019 7:35:56 AM

Reply to: 2548501

Talk about bringing a memory back to life....  That is exactly as I remember Langhorne...  Standing on top of my dad's pick up, alongside the inside of the track...  with all the stars of Indy at Langhorne.

Msg ID: 2548552 Langhorne Indy cars 1968... +0/-0     
Author:Rich Guy
1/4/2019 9:44:21 AM

Reply to: 2548518

In the second picture, I did not realize there was still "Big" front engine cars competing with the new rear-engine cars like Marios by 1968.

Msg ID: 2548654 Langhorne Indy cars 1968... +0/-0     
Author:Steve Cameron
1/4/2019 5:06:13 PM

Reply to: 2548552

There were two front engine champ cars in this race, Puterbaugh and Chuck Booth, and they both finished in the top 10 (8th & 10th).

Msg ID: 2548621 Langhorne Indy cars 1968... +0/-0     
1/4/2019 2:33:20 PM

Reply to: 2548501

I wouldn't want to hit that railing in one of those things.

Msg ID: 2548699 Langhorne Indy cars 1968... +0/-0     
Author:Greg Collins
1/4/2019 8:14:59 PM

Reply to: 2548501

The Bill Puterbaugh 57 is the Ken Brenn Meskowski Offy.

Msg ID: 2549079 Langhorne Indy cars 1968... +0/-0     
1/7/2019 4:44:16 PM

Reply to: 2548501

Wow , thank you for the memories of Langhorne, my father took my older and i to the last 2 Indy car races there, my memory says 1970 & 71. I remember parking at Gimpel Corporation on Woodbourne Rd., walking down the hill to Rte. 1 and hearing the cars from across Rte. 1. Never forget that !! Thanks again !