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Msg ID: 2549828 New Vault Sponsor - On Track Automotive +0/-0     
1/12/2019 2:46:59 PM

Same great location...

Same great service...

Same great people....

New Name!

Some of you may already know, but over the past month, good friend of The Vault Kevin Eyres has been making some business moves and specifically, his business formerly known as Avis Service Center (Rt 34 Matawan NJ) has a great new name:


Kevin and his technicians will be offering the same level of quality full service that many in the Middlesex/Monmouth county have been receiving for the past few decades at their same Matawan location (at the intersection of Rt 34 & Reids Hill Road - between LLoyd Road and Rt 520.)

Kevin and his team have the latest diagnostic equipment, along with the OEM recommended maintenance schedules, so whether you're driving something brand new... or something with a few miles on it (like me....Surprised) give Kevin at On Track Automotive Service Center a call when your coming up on your next recommended maintenance service, or the next time your car decides it's time for an unscheduled pit stop! 



Msg ID: 2549917 New Vault Sponsor - On Track Automotive +0/-0     
1/12/2019 6:11:11 PM

Reply to: 2549828

Thank you Joe. It was a tough decision, but after 60 years of our family involvement with Avis Rent a Car as the licensee in central and southern New Jersey, we decided to sell our agreement back to Avis.  The timing could’nt be better, as we are all (my brother and two sisters) getting up there in age and approaching retirement age, along with the passing of my Father last year, who was given his locations from Warren Avis in 1958.  The rental car business is about to change rapidly, mostly due to Uber, self driving cars, the millennials, and a host of other reasons.  Hence the name change of my service  business, not being able to use the Avis name any further, the new name of On Track Automotive was adopted, tying it in racing a little.   Same people, new name. 

Msg ID: 2549993 New Vault Sponsor - On Track Automotive +0/-0     
1/13/2019 10:20:18 AM

Reply to: 2549917

Wishing you continued success in the future.

Msg ID: 2550005 New Vault Sponsor - On Track Automotive +0/-0     
1/13/2019 11:47:37 AM

Reply to: 2549993

Kevin, I love the name and it leaves plenty of room for your marketing and service programs. Congrads and keep up the great work. We are happy for you.

Msg ID: 2550035 New Vault Sponsor - On Track Automotive +0/-0     
Author:Greg Collins
1/13/2019 1:55:44 PM

Reply to: 2550005

Congrats and continued success, Kevin. Neat knowing that your Dad secured his franchises directly from Mr. Avis.

Msg ID: 2550123 New Vault Sponsor - On Track Automotive +0/-0     
1/13/2019 9:45:46 PM

Reply to: 2550035

May you have continued success with the new name. Your Dad would be proud looking down from Heaven at you. 

Msg ID: 2550217 New Vault Sponsor - On Track Automotive +0/-0     
1/14/2019 11:41:13 AM

Reply to: 2550123

Way to go! Continued success---wish I lived closer.

Msg ID: 2550223 New Vault Sponsor - On Track Automotive +0/-0     
Author:Uncle Tom
1/14/2019 11:54:50 AM

Reply to: 2550217

wondering if They will still accept food stamps for payment ?

Msg ID: 2550274 New Vault Sponsor - On Track Automotive +0/-0     
1/14/2019 4:46:17 PM

Reply to: 2550223

Thank you all...except Tom.

Msg ID: 2550284 New Vault Sponsor - On Track Automotive +0/-0     
1/14/2019 5:29:15 PM

Reply to: 2550274

Kevin, All the best to you and your family in this new venture.