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Msg ID: 2555255 Johnson Wins Clash +0/-0     
2/10/2019 7:08:16 PM

Well..  Actually, a more appropriate headline might be "Johnson Destroys The Competition at Daytona!"

I just got done fast forwarding though the Clash.  Looked to me like a lot of follow the guy in front of you, with the outside lane having a big advantage for at least the first 2/3rds of the race.  I think Menard lead just about every lap until getting wrecked going down the backstretch by Jimmie Johnson on what turned out to be the last lap due to the carnage, followed by rain. 

I'm not a racer, and have been reminded by many that it's not possible for me to know what I'm talking about because I only watch from the sofa, but it sure did look to me like Jimmie Johnson misjudged his attempted pass/side draft of Menard (had at least 3 lanes below him that were wide open if he was the least bit worried about not turning the #21.) 

You gotta wonder if he would have made the exact same move if it was the #9, or #24, or #88, instead of the single car #21? 

Then listened to DW tell me about how Jimmie got sucked into the #21...  Finally after 5 minutes of replays even DW had to say, "Jimmie got into the #21."  With only about 5 cars remaining, they red flagged it due to 90% rain, and 100% lack of interest.

Would have liked to have seen Jimmie own up to it, but that was a different era I guess.  Thought it was a little comical when he was explaining to one of the guys with a mic what had happened (with the replay running at the same time), and about how Menard had come down on him... when just then, the replay showed the contact.  They weren't showing Jimmie's face at the time, but it sounded like he had one of those Ralph Kramden "Homina, homina, homina" moments....

I thought it was a bad event, and think that all 39 people that were in the stands should get a full refund.  (Well... maybe there were a few more than that, but it sure looked like a light turn out to me to officially start Speedweeks 2019.)

I keep tuning in and hoping to see something else... I'm not sure what I want to see, but I know that 'aint it.  I'll do the same next Sunday... Yup, dopey me will tune in again.... so I guess they still have me... but every year they have me a little less.

It's kinda like eating kale... I try it... I don't like it... But then I convince myself that I should try it again... so I do.. and I still don't like it.... Then a few months later, I try it again... 

I'm starting to think I'll like kale before I can enjoy watching a cup race....



Msg ID: 2555262 Johnson Wins Clash +0/-0     
Author:Pickell fan
2/10/2019 7:32:17 PM

Reply to: 2555255

 I agree Joe he took out the whole field.     jmo....     Hank Winecker

Msg ID: 2555274 Good win for Jimmy....not +0/-0     
2/10/2019 8:20:32 PM

Reply to: 2555255

I know he has been desparate for a win for a long time but that was no way to do it. During the winners circle interview he was even happy to have the win and not a word of apology to any of the 17 cars he wiped out with his horrific, desparate, pathetic move. Next Sunday should be interesting!

Msg ID: 2555281 Good win for Jimmy....not +0/-0     
Author:md racer
2/10/2019 9:03:47 PM

Reply to: 2555274

Same crap different year.

as we know Gordon is part owner of the 48. This, to me, is a reason he doesn’t belong in the booth. Just like DW was all over Toyota’s when Mikey had A Toyota team. Today Jeff immediately started making excuses for the 48 with DW and Joy jumping right in. Do I think Johnson dumped him on purpose, no I don’t. Did he mis-Judge I think so. That’s all there is to it. Menard did nothing wrong and was not blocking the 48. It’s just a shame that when teams are struggling to find money to see so many wrecked race cars at the end of the race. This is the last year for restrictor plates. So they say. Next year they will have a tapered spacer. A different type of restrictor plate. Won’t change a thing.

maybe it was the weather but the crowd today was terrible. And the show was terrible. I hope it is not an indication of what we will see in the 500.

That sure as shi+ doesn’t look like any Mustang to me But the neither does the Camaro look like the street version.


Msg ID: 2555282 Good win for Jimmy....not +0/-0     
Author:Kevin Mc
2/10/2019 9:09:46 PM

Reply to: 2555274

If you think that was bad then wait for the Thursday Twin races.   3 hours of TV time to find out which 2 drivers out of 6 (none of whom have a snowballs chance of winning on Sunday) have to load up early.   I dont know what commercials aired up North but we got reminded at every break that tickets are still available for the 500.   There was NOTHING in todays race that would have convinced me to break out the credit card to give D.I.S. a few hundred dollars for the oppurtunity to watch it live next weekend.   Truth be told, the Clash may have convinced more people to stay home and watch the 500 (502.5?  505? 510?)  for free.    The G-Main at the Chili Bowl had more drama than todays Cup "race". 

Msg ID: 2555300 Good win for Jimmy....not +0/-0     
Author:Double D fan
2/11/2019 3:35:44 AM

Reply to: 2555282

I'm afraid I have to agree, BORING!! I watched the ARCA 200, much more exciting. Lots of passing , 3 lanes all keeping up, and lots of good young talent. Yes- Jimmy misjudged it.

Msg ID: 2555318 Good win for Jimmy....not +0/-0     
2/11/2019 9:40:17 AM

Reply to: 2555300

That is my biggest peeve with Waltrip.  He blabs out blame or excuses real quick, than watches the replay, than reverses his opinion, every single time and never admits he was wrong or apologises.  

Msg ID: 2555353 Come on guys +0/-0     
2/11/2019 1:51:10 PM

Reply to: 2555274
Did you think anything was going to be different than before. BS move from a 7 time champ followed up by I am paid to win races quote... Boring race, too much DW blowing smoke. Different paint schemes ....lipstick on a pig. Nothing changes,ssdd.( same sh t different day).

Msg ID: 2555322 Johnson Wins Clash +0/-0     
Author:John Mc
2/11/2019 10:03:45 AM

Reply to: 2555255

Byron gets the pole in Knaus' car, immediately Jimmie thinks "Damn, I gotta win this thing"...did he intentionally dump Menard and take out the field? Nope, but it sure was def would've gotten a "dumb f**k" remark from me later in the garage if I was on the receiving end. I hate the fact Nascar just expects that stuff and basically allows it.

Msg ID: 2555328 Johnson Wins Clash +0/-0     
2/11/2019 10:31:10 AM

Reply to: 2555322

"Johnson to the rear for rough riding"

Msg ID: 2555330 Johnson Wins Clash +0/-0     
2/11/2019 10:40:22 AM

Reply to: 2555255

Did Johnson dump him? YES. Was it on purpose? NO. Did the race suck? YES. The air around these cars is so unstable you don't know what will happen until you try a move. I agree that the ARCA race was a much better race. As far as fans in the stands weather might have had something with it. I don't know what a ticket cost for that show but I would bet if they charged half as much they would get twice as many people to show up.




Msg ID: 2555339 Johnson Wins Clash +0/-0     
Author:Kevin Mc
2/11/2019 11:40:52 AM

Reply to: 2555330
I just looked it up and a general admission ticket yesterday was $55. No thanks. They want $95 to get in to see the Twin 150s on Thursday. That is one dramatically overpriced ticket

Msg ID: 2555351 Johnson Wins Clash +0/-0     
Author:Jeff Acolia
2/11/2019 1:29:45 PM

Reply to: 2555339

The nascar product right now is horrible . I also think johnson's hit was intentional . He had all the room in the world to get by him clean .  

Msg ID: 2555342 Johnson Wins Clash +0/-0     
Author:Roger Laureno
2/11/2019 12:30:03 PM

Reply to: 2555255

Dittos, Joe