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Author:Frank A Jr.
4/8/2019 11:34:57 AM

This is Dennis Giles Jr from Phoenix. He was running second in the main event with the AZ Desert Sprints when he had a devistating crash in truns 3 and 4 after an axle broke.

Last I read on their FB is he suffered a damaged aorta, bleeding on the chest, broke clavicle, broken ribs and a serious concussion.

(Still trying to learn the flash)


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4/8/2019 5:33:44 PM

Reply to: 2564660

Was it the king pin boss that broke on the front axle? Rumor has it thats been happening alot.


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4/8/2019 5:44:48 PM

Reply to: 2564740

I heard it from a sprint car repairman that xXx sprint car axles are a boon to the replacement parts business.

2nd behind that are the poor quality wheel bearings from China

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Author:Roger Laureno
4/10/2019 6:20:34 AM

Reply to: 2564744

pretty sure it was the rear axle - watched it on Dirtvision