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6/23/2020 6:50:14 AM
I see some posts about short tracks doing pay per view and some guys say it is pretty good. So when you talk about the cost of the event (seems reasonable) will this become more popular? Seems what you save in driving,food,and having clean rest rooms it might be the way to go. Yeah I get it about the smells and the atmosphere but could this be the wave of the future to help save.the short tracks if the coverage gets to be really good. It could help guys like me who cant get to the track due to family illness or other constraints. Thoughts.

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6/23/2020 7:58:51 AM

Reply to: 2647273

Try'll like it.  I want to be at the track always, but if I can't for whatever reason, I will purchase it if I feel it is good value. The promoter gets a portion of the purchase, so I am kind of helping. Honestly, I have only purchased the races Stewie is involved in, but if I am not there, I can at least watch. Sad, but in these current times, it's better on TV. Example, at Middletown, only two crew members can go in the grandstands, the rest fend for themselves. 

If you're gonna purchase to watch your guy race, you may be disappointed if you don't see him much, but if you get it to see the race itself, you won't be disappointed. The coverage, at least by DTD TV, has been great. There are few others doing the same type coverage for other series. If you like Northeast dirt mods, try it.

Once you are setup, it's pretyy easy after that.

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6/23/2020 8:17:56 AM

Reply to: 2647275  If you want to try it, I suggest the Albany-Saratoga show.  A little more money then the others, but they get 30+ mods, 40 sportsman, and 30+ in the other divisions, but great racing.

Or wait for the July 1st STSS race at Fonda.  All the STSS races are real good.

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6/23/2020 9:10:02 AM

Reply to: 2647278

I have used Dirt Track Digest Tv 5 or 6 times and haven't had any problems. Bridgeport is on Speedshift this week. I haven't tried them yet but I might. Just miss the smell of racing fuel.

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6/23/2020 6:40:10 PM

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For regular shows they offer a choice of tracks. Last Friday they offered Big Diamond or Albany-Saratoga. I would think that they do the same on Saturdays. I didn't see the cost.

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6/24/2020 8:46:50 AM

Reply to: 2647467

To see the cost you have to go to the page like you are buying it.  Ranges from $15 to $25 depending on the show. The regular shows are usually $19.