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Msg ID: 2675398 Wall Wednesdays +0/-0     
Author:Walt Stadium
1/6/2021 1:50:12 PM

Photos by Bob Menschner

Wall Wednesday's brought to you this week with support from:

Comments Welcome!

Msg ID: 2675402 Wall Wednesdays +0/-0     
1/6/2021 2:12:34 PM

Reply to: 2675398

heres a good triva question whos number is older peaks 235 or skinners 659? i would guess don peaks 235


Msg ID: 2675416 Wall Wednesdays +0/-0     
1/6/2021 4:17:52 PM

Reply to: 2675402

i gotta say 659------

Msg ID: 2675449 Wall Wednesdays +0/-0     
Author:Pee Wee Fan
1/6/2021 7:47:54 PM

Reply to: 2675416

The first time I saw the Peak 235 and sister car 261, was in the mid 60s at Old Bridge.  However, I've seen pics of Skinner's 659 dated in the early 60s.  I know this all is meaniless information.  I'm leaning towards the 659 bring around first. BTY, weren't the Peak's car numbers based on the cubic inches of Chevy straight 6 cylinders.?  Scott Ely

Msg ID: 2675512 Wall Wednesdays +0/-0     
1/7/2021 8:24:20 AM

Reply to: 2675398

great "behind the scenes" photos as usual !!!!-

thanks for the continued following of wall history through great photos !!! keep 'em comin' in the new year !!!!

many thanks !!