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Msg ID: 2798411 Racing plans this weekend? +0/-0     
11/10/2023 10:34:52 AM

Was hoping to watch the final Castrol night for Late Models on Flo, that was cancelled to weather. Bobby Pearce and hudson Oneal were real close in points but it's over and Pearce won.

Riverhead Islip 300 and Tony Ferrante racing in the Vintage All Stars race.

OCFS Sunday.  Can't make Georgetown due to prior plans (Wifey!)

Alan Urry, if you were going to do any shoes for Matheny, give them to Stew>  Thanks!


Msg ID: 2798426 Racing plans this weekend? +0/-0     
Author:Uncle Tom1
11/10/2023 12:22:21 PM

Reply to: 2798411

Kev....that promise to your wife shouldn't take anymore than 2 to 3 minutes tops! May see you Sunday at Middletown !

Msg ID: 2798489 Racing plans this weekend? +0/-0     
11/10/2023 9:40:35 PM

Reply to: 2798426

LOL . Bring Rich and we'll hit Mexican on the way out.

Msg ID: 2798490 Racing plans this weekend? +0/-0     
Author:david walter.
11/10/2023 9:41:50 PM

Reply to: 2798411

georgetown & middletown on flo.

Msg ID: 2798503 Racing plans this weekend? +0/-0     
11/11/2023 7:15:55 AM

Reply to: 2798490

Just Flo weekend. Can't make it to Georgetown. I have to do my Al Bundy thing Kev.