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Msg ID: 2799162 Sheet Metal Takeover +0/-0     
11/18/2023 2:39:21 PM

Whether it was coupes and sedans... or Pintos and Gremlins, many of us here on the board felt something slipping away once the sheet metal creations began outnumbering the real bodies of the 40's through most of the 70's.

Here's one from the George Koyt Collection that I thought was from Syracuse, but is marked "Russ Shoulders  - Nazareth National - Oct 1983" that just screams sheet metal!

Kind of a cool looking creation though... (At least you can still see the driver), although the front of the cage looks a little thin if you ask me.


Msg ID: 2799163 Sheet Metal Takeover +0/-0     
11/18/2023 3:04:21 PM

Reply to: 2799162

It's one of the Modifieds that ran in Texas at that time. Look at how far back the motor sits in the car. 

Msg ID: 2799217 Sheet Metal Takeover +0/-0     
Author:Pee Wee Fan
11/19/2023 12:24:41 PM

Reply to: 2799163

For a "sheet metal" body, this hot rod is pretty cool.  I remember saying to Joe that "I don't care for these refrigerator boxes for bodies."  He cautioned me that if the current bodies "go by the wayside", it might be because modifieds (and sportsman) may be gone too.  I admit I've soften on my opinion as I just wish the bodies didnt have such long side panels.  I would like to see the panels end about where the firewall is located.  Scott Ely