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Msg ID: 2810572 OCFS ESW 1979 - Part 2 +0/-0     
3/24/2024 9:04:34 AM

Here is the second round of photos from the 1979 edition of Eastern States Weekend at O.C.F.S. Comments welcome....

Msg ID: 2810601 OCFS ESW 1979 - Part 2 +0/-0     
3/24/2024 4:02:38 PM

Reply to: 2810572
The pair of 73's. Balough and Beavers? Or Balough and Osmun?

Msg ID: 2810605 OCFS ESW 1979 - Part 2 +0/-0     
3/24/2024 4:45:09 PM

Reply to: 2810601

I think it's Balough and AF-IV.


Msg ID: 2810620 OCFS ESW 1979 - Part 2 +0/-0     
3/24/2024 8:22:29 PM

Reply to: 2810605

no osmun and AF the fourth

Msg ID: 2810650 OCFS ESW 1979 - Part 2 +0/-0     
3/25/2024 12:25:02 PM

Reply to: 2810620

I would say Osum and Anthony. The top picture is Bob Green in the #69. I'm curious if Lou Lazzaro clips the wall in that picture.

Msg ID: 2810646 OCFS ESW 1979 - Part 2 +0/-0     
3/25/2024 12:06:32 PM

Reply to: 2810572

How beautiful were the 73's ! wish we could go back to those years when creativity was at its peak and we still had a huge variety cars and car builders could allow their creativity run wild ! 

Msg ID: 2810672 OCFS ESW 1979 - Part 2 +0/-0     
Author:AF IV
3/25/2024 5:16:12 PM

Reply to: 2810646

Yup, me and Billy O. Wouldn't mind replaying those years. Pretty exciting for a 21 year old. Thanks for the kind words and memories.

Msg ID: 2810703 OCFS ESW 1979 - Part 2 +0/-0     
3/25/2024 8:31:48 PM

Reply to: 2810672

anthony i for one would like to hear the whole story of the weekend and i would think everyone else would enjoy the story.  not to blow your own horn but it was a veryy great weekend for your father and you with the win in sportsman and geting thrown into the modified when gary balough did not show up, and leading the 200 and drive train failure too possiby lose the race  the race.  Tony Ferraiuolo was so proud even though you did not win or finish from car failure.   fanstatic run if i say so.

Msg ID: 2810717 OCFS ESW 1979 - Part 2 +0/-0     
Author:AF IV
3/26/2024 6:38:32 AM

Reply to: 2810703

jsc that actually the 78 ES weekend. I believe this picture probably is also 78. I remember it well because as you said it was a pretty good one for us even though we didn't win the 200. Basically Gary Balough won the Syracuse race and went back to Florida to tend to his other occupation. He said he would be back to be Billy O's teammate on Eastern States weekend but when Modified warmups were called we still hadn't seen him. At this point my father told me to warm up Balough's car hoping he would soon be there. This really wasn't a big deal because I had warmed up the Modified for Billy O a few Saturday nights when he was late getting there. As most know Gary never did show and it just seemed like the thing to do was for me to drive his car in the heat. This is where the stars started to align because I ended up winning the heat along with my Sportsman heat and Feature that day. The rest doesn't go as well because I dropped out leading the Eastern States 200 on Sunday a little before halfway. Billy dropped out shortly after that. The Cinderella story was cut short. Thanks for remembering it though because it really is a great memory. 

Msg ID: 2810720 OCFS ESW 1979 - Part 2 +0/-0     
3/26/2024 8:01:05 AM

Reply to: 2810717

Great story Anthony!  People don't realize how different a Sportsman car is to drive than a Modified. The power alone, but it really comes to the drivers. In the Sportsman's when the feature starts you get going, in the mod's when the feature starts, they are gone!  Amazing how different it is.

Msg ID: 2810766 Exactly Kevin! +0/-0     
Author:AF IV
3/26/2024 6:38:35 PM

Reply to: 2810720

So true Kev. I think what helped me is we really thought Gary would show to at least be in the consi. Because of that I felt very little pressure because I was just keeping the seat warm for him to come in and save the day. Even after winning the Modified heat it hadn't hit me because I had my Sportsman to think about and I really wanted to win the 50 lapper Saturday night because I had it won the year before but made a rookie mistake. I can say though when I went home Saturday night the reality of what would take place Sunday was starting to hit me.

Msg ID: 2810791 OCFS ESW 1979 - Part 2 +0/-0     
3/27/2024 8:41:27 AM

Reply to: 2810717

Anthony, were they both real king cars or was one a Harraka?

Msg ID: 2810797 OCFS ESW 1979 - Part 2 +0/-0     
3/27/2024 9:54:24 AM

Reply to: 2810791

Thanks Anthony!  New Egypt Saturday night for Super Dirt?  As of now, Stew is not racing, but that could change.  Some of the Three Wides gang, OCFS guys, are meeting up.

Msg ID: 2810843 OCFS ESW 1979 - Part 2 +0/-0     
Author:AF IV
3/27/2024 6:53:51 PM

Reply to: 2810797

Opperman:  Both were Grant King cars.

Kevin I'm going to be away but going to miss hanging with the 3wide crew.