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Please respect that this is a forum to host discussions about racing. It is a place where folks can enjoy their time visiting here, sharing their memories and experiences from what many will always consider their favorite days of racing. While many of us may have strong political opinions, they are better served elsewhere on the web. Moderators will delete any thread that becomes political. Please respect our message board for what it is meant to be.

The board is also not a place to declare that anyone that has a different opinion than yours is stupid or foolish. Posts like that do nothing to change opinion and instead only invite those with a different opinion to feel compelled to respond with their version of who is stupid or foolish. Other sites thrive on this. It will not be accepted here. Thank you in advance for not going down that low road.

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Close GROSSO’S DELIVER ONE TWO PUNCH AT NEW EGYPT   New Egypt Speedway 5/2/2022 1:02:45 PM


Close New Egypt Speedway 4/30/22 Bike Night Race Recap   New Egypt Speedway 4/30/2022 9:51:03 PM

Close New Egypt Speedway 4/30/22 Bike Night Quick Results - Rookie Feature   New Egypt Speedway 4/30/2022 6:21:14 PM
Close New Egypt Speedway Bike Night 4/30/22 Schedule of Events   New Egypt Speedway 4/30/2022 2:26:46 PM

Close Worlds Busiest Track???    ARRA Research 4/29/2022 3:38:27 PM
Close Stewart Friesen - Darlington “Throwback” to Jack Johnson   rchanna 4/29/2022 2:15:34 PM
Close Just checking.....   3-Wide 4/29/2022 1:54:32 PM
Close Bike Night This Saturday Night at New Egypt Speedway   New Egypt Speedway 4/29/2022 1:38:51 PM

Close nice pic of ed senkowicz no.8   racrray10 4/28/2022 9:19:36 PM
Close Where' Ya Headed/What'cha Watching This Weekend?   3-Wide 4/28/2022 11:24:53 AM
Close Fort Dix /New Egypt   TBONE 4/28/2022 7:48:21 AM

Close A.J Seiple obit   JHLong 4/27/2022 12:53:08 PM
Close Wall Wednesdays    kjeyres 4/27/2022 7:36:05 AM
Close BIKE NIGHT/RETURN OF ARDC MIDGETs AT NEW EGYPT   New Egypt Speedway 4/25/2022 1:26:08 PM

Close Stafford announcer   GeneSS 4/24/2022 7:08:34 PM
Close New Egypt Speedway Race Recap 4/23/22 Manchester/New Egypt Night   New Egypt Speedway 4/23/2022 10:32:57 PM

Close New Egypt Speedway Quick Results 4/23/22 - Crate Make Up Feature 4/16/22   New Egypt Speedway 4/23/2022 6:19:41 PM
Close Wow what a surprise   Mdracer 4/22/2022 10:35:25 PM
Close Where ya headed this weekend?   kjeyres 4/22/2022 8:24:29 AM
Close Bridgeport last night..   John Mc 4/21/2022 12:12:11 PM
Close MID-ATLANTIC SPRINT SERIES SET FOR NES   New Egypt Speedway 4/20/2022 2:01:35 PM

Close GROSSO EXPRESS ROLLS TO THIRD WIN IN A ROW   New Egypt Speedway 4/20/2022 1:51:28 PM

Close Wall Wednesdays    Walt Stadium 4/20/2022 11:59:03 AM
Close Spring Sizzler this weekend    kjeyres 4/19/2022 9:13:29 AM
Close Billy Pauch Tribute Video    Fred Voorhees 4/18/2022 8:23:57 AM
Close New Egypt Speedway Race Recap 4/16/22   New Egypt Speedway 4/16/2022 10:12:30 PM

Close New Egypt Speedway Quick Results 4/16/22 - Rookie Feature   New Egypt Speedway 4/16/2022 6:16:40 PM
Close NES Schedule of Events 4/16/22   New Egypt Speedway 4/16/2022 3:05:31 PM

Close Rags Carter’s great grandson wins at Big Diamond    Rick Shive 4/16/2022 10:10:53 AM
Close Easter and Passover Blessings   Greg Collins  4/16/2022 6:40:08 AM

Close Flippington... #705 Charlie Voorhees    3-Wide 4/15/2022 5:34:29 PM
Close Happy birthday Darren..    John Mc 4/15/2022 9:32:28 AM
Close Where R U Headed or What R U Watchin'   ED 4/15/2022 7:48:59 AM
Close April Season Openers at Harmony Speedway   Greg Collins  4/14/2022 3:52:08 PM
Close joe need a photo   45yrwallmodfan 4/14/2022 11:34:17 AM
Close Wanted - Rick Mears   indy-legs 4/14/2022 10:43:43 AM
Close Billy Pauch "The Last Cowboy.    D.Wolfe-358 4/13/2022 2:31:36 PM

Close The Points Chase Continues This Saturday Night 4/16 at NES!   New Egypt Speedway 4/12/2022 7:30:09 PM

Close AARN   mdy 4/12/2022 7:18:18 PM
       AARN    kjeyres 4/13/2022 8:16:14 AM
         AARN    buddhavb 4/13/2022 9:03:17 AM
       AARN    Frank A Jr. 4/13/2022 9:45:42 AM
         AARN    Pee Wee Fan 4/13/2022 11:28:28 AM
       AARN    Opperman4x 4/13/2022 11:40:39 AM
       AARN    wallneewvet 4/14/2022 8:34:03 AM
       AARN    3-Wide 4/15/2022 4:04:37 PM

Close How Was The Show?   ED 4/12/2022 3:18:54 PM
2356 active messages  -      Display Pages Page 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9  

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