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Please respect that this is a forum to host discussions about racing. It is a place where folks can enjoy their time visiting here, sharing their memories and experiences from what many will always consider their favorite days of racing. While many of us may have strong political opinions, they are better served elsewhere on the web. Moderators will delete any thread that becomes political. Please respect our message board for what it is meant to be.

The board is also not a place to declare that anyone that has a different opinion than yours is stupid or foolish. Posts like that do nothing to change opinion and instead only invite those with a different opinion to feel compelled to respond with their version of who is stupid or foolish. Other sites thrive on this. It will not be accepted here. Thank you in advance for not going down that low road.

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8327 active messages  -      Display Pages 1-20 21-29
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Close Tuesday Night in Black & White    3-Wide 5/2/2023 2:32:23 PM
Close do you guys know what track this is    flamincars 5/2/2023 2:18:26 PM

Close New Egypt Speedway Practice Session 5/2/23 Cancelled   New Egypt Speedway 5/2/2023 1:09:06 PM
Close Galen Fox and #73   AF IV 5/1/2023 9:17:40 PM
Close Truex brothers   wph258 5/1/2023 7:03:07 PM
Close ARRA Welcomes Two More Historians to their Organization    ARRA Research 4/30/2023 1:46:21 PM

Close The Big Picture: Indy Car on Pit Lane (Trenton)    3-Wide 4/30/2023 12:13:50 PM
Close New Egypt Speedway Practice Session Added for Tuesday, May 2nd   New Egypt Speedway 4/29/2023 4:34:25 PM

Close Rainy Day Humor    D.Wolfe-358 4/29/2023 12:35:56 PM

Close New Egypt Speedway Cancelled 4/23/23 Due To Rain   New Egypt Speedway 4/29/2023 10:53:51 AM
Close bill pauch    flamincars 4/29/2023 8:07:19 AM

Close Follow Up to Stan in the Horton #43 and the Carberry #4T7   3-Wide 4/28/2023 10:04:51 PM
Close Williams Grove cancelled 4/28 due to rain   redfred 4/28/2023 12:49:31 PM
Close PASS and ACT Late Models...   Frank A Jr. 4/27/2023 2:52:39 PM
Close Weekend Racing Plans    3-Wide 4/27/2023 1:45:05 PM
Close Cup Drivers   kjeyres 4/27/2023 1:09:41 PM
Close Mechanic-Transmission   kevvan 4/26/2023 10:54:55 AM
Close Matheny Christmas in July    kjeyres 4/25/2023 11:32:57 AM
Close Who has driven the Horton 43?   10SpeedBicycleRacer 4/24/2023 7:30:44 PM
Close Where did you go, how was the show?   292 fan 4/24/2023 1:04:47 PM
Close GODOWN SCORES BACK TO BACK WINS ON SCOUT NIGHT   New Egypt Speedway 4/24/2023 11:00:19 AM

Close NHRA what is going on?   bobby711 4/23/2023 2:17:26 PM
Close New Egypt Speedway 4/22/23 Race Recap   New Egypt Speedway 4/22/2023 7:36:56 PM

Close New Egypt Speedway Quick Results 4/22/23 Rookie Feature   New Egypt Speedway 4/22/2023 4:57:26 PM
Close Bridgeport Cancelled Tonight 4/22/2023    D.Wolfe-358 4/22/2023 12:48:45 PM
Close kenny brightbill in the wertz 57    flamincars 4/22/2023 10:27:07 AM
Close Brightbill Blue #19 (From Lenny's Tire)   Jd57 4/21/2023 7:06:03 PM
Close Sammy Beavers wins in Ken Brenns 24    Lenny Swider 4/21/2023 4:14:46 PM
Close Scout Night Tomorrow 4/22/23 At New Egypt Speedway    New Egypt Speedway 4/21/2023 3:48:33 PM

Close Wall Information   D.Wolfe-358 4/21/2023 3:29:29 PM
Close New Egypt Start Times   Gordon1  4/21/2023 11:54:49 AM
Close This weeks edition of Lenny's tire    Lenny Swider 4/21/2023 11:33:18 AM
Close Flo Sataurday schedule    kjeyres 4/21/2023 9:02:29 AM
Close Chuck Ciprich obituary    Rick Shive 4/20/2023 8:57:05 PM
Close Weekend Racing Plans   3-Wide 4/20/2023 12:51:49 PM
Close picture   flamincars 4/20/2023 9:40:07 AM
       picture    3-Wide 4/20/2023 10:52:21 AM

Close "Still Racing" New Ken Schrader Book   3-Wide 4/19/2023 9:41:34 PM

Close Indycar Test Days at IMS -LIVE on Peacock   Greg Collins 4/19/2023 8:05:50 PM

Close billy pauch 1984    flamincars 4/19/2023 6:58:11 PM
Close Nascar burnouts   Pee Wee Fan 4/19/2023 2:10:07 PM
Close Thunder on the Hill Racing Series Opens Sunday Night 5/28 at Grandview   Dept of Upcoming Events 4/19/2023 1:27:52 PM

Close Wall Wednesdays    Wally World 4/19/2023 12:23:29 PM
Close Tuesday Night in Black & White    3-Wide 4/18/2023 5:20:01 PM
Close buzzie reutimann (asphalt)    flamincars 4/18/2023 10:51:45 AM
Close vintage midget, sprint bars   GeneSS 4/16/2023 2:56:17 PM
Close frank cozze coming at you    flamincars 4/16/2023 7:42:09 AM
Close New Additions to The Vault   3-Wide 4/15/2023 9:07:34 PM

Close New Egypt Speedway Cancelled 4/15/23 Due To Rain   New Egypt Speedway 4/15/2023 12:57:02 PM
8327 active messages  -      Display Pages 1-20 21-29
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