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Having sex is a choice you need to make responsibly - it is a life changing experience full of pleasure and danger
Please consider your choices carefully and BE SAFE!

This is a place to talk about sex! It is a place to ask any question you have about sex. No question is a stupid question.
Please use the words you know and do not worry if you spell them wrong. Don't worry if you do not write English well.

Why can't I post? You must register before you post
And until you are approved to post without being moderated, I look at your questions/comments before they are posted. This prevents anyone from writing anything that makes fun of what people ask or what they have done. It also means you can post private information that will help me answer your question, but I will delete it before it is seen by others. I try to answer questions everyday, but sometimes it takes me a few days. I have three long-time posters who help by approving the easier questions. If it takes awhile for me to answer, it might be because I am asking the experts I know for advice how to best answer you. Please ask anything you want!

There's more to this message board than this page! Be sure to check all of the website! There is a Sex Dictionary, a Quiz to take before you have sex, a page for teens, for people with disabilities, for older folks, for people who identify as GLBT, Chat so much more. If you want to learn about sexuality more in depth - there are "professional pages". The site has existed thru many reconfigurations since 1993.

Support this site! Visit this page to buy things I have recommended - books, lube, and lots more. Visit the old message board!

This messages board's name and contents are copyrighted and cannot be copied or linked to without permission of it's owner. Message's copyrights are owned by the individual poster.
The parent to this message board is IDEAS. Brand new - Over 18!

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