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I was driving down Rt. 130 south yesterday near Hightstown, and as I approached the 539/130 Cranbury Circle, I looked off to my left as I usually do to see if Pee Wee's #72 was anywhere to be seen...  A few miles farther south, I went by Jim's Country Diner on the right, and began looking to see if Dusty Malsbury's #777 was next door at the Esso.

Don't try to tell me that I'm the only one who still looks!  It's a car guy thing... Laughing If you've ever seen a racecar at a garage/gas station... or ever saw a cool car for sale even at somebody's house, it could be 10, 20, or 50 years later.... and we still look to see if it might somehow reappear!  (Don't even try to explain it to non-car/non-racing folks...  They'll never understand....

I got thinking about all the places where racecars once were built/stabled and realized that I don't know of any automotive repair shops or auto body shops anywhere in the state where a racecar is now kept/worked on.

There's so few independent auto/truck repair shops compared to decades ago, and even fewer combination gas station/repair shops.... and the same for body shops..., but it made me wonder if there are ANY repair shops in NJ now, that is truly home to a racecar?  What I mean is, are there any shops left in NJ where if when driving by, there's any chance that you might see a racecar in one of the bays... or maybe sitting alongside?

I think the answer is "no"... or if there are a few out there, it's probably in the single digits.... 

Oh well...  Just another one of those things that have changed I guess.  For those who want to do a little reminiscing, here's a link to a section in The Vault that we call "Down at The Garage", where you guys came up with over 100 different garages where racecars once roamed.....

So... are there any repair/body shops where you might catch a glimpse of a racecar nosed inside one the bays, or maybe parked alongside the shop during working hours?