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For those who have a knack for noticing things like this... thank you for the emails that I received and the kind words in recognizing that November 13th 2023 is actually the 21st Anniversary of 3 Wide's Picture Vault(It snuck up on me too!)

No kiddin'....  Check out the bottom of our homepage ( ) and you'll see:  Born on date November 13, 2002!

So here's what I hope those of you reading this, who over the years... whether you've only been tuning in for a handful of years... or for those who have been here for the duration... will all please consider making a donation of $21 to this year's Matheny Christmas Party, as a way of recognizing the 21 years that we've been bringing the Vault to the internet, for all to enjoy, and for all to remember some of what we'll always feel are the greatest days of short track racing.  If $21 is not in this year's budget, that's ok... please support in any way you can...  It is all very, very much appreciated, and Kevin and his elves will do all the work behind the scenes to make sure that what is received will help make this year's event a special one.

Hopefully we've provided "a few" hours of enjoyment and entertainment along the way, and if so, please take a moment - (hopefully right now while it is on the front burner!), and help support this year's event by whichever way is easiest below:

Checks or gift cards can be sent to:
RJC Charities
70 Albert Drive
Parlin, NJ, 08859
Attn:  Bob Caramella   (Please Note:  Matheny School Party in the memo line.)

(RJC will return a tax exempt voucher to you if requested - (Please provide a mailing address where to send the voucher.)


Donations via Paypal can be made through a link on the RJC Charities Website:   (RJC will return a tax exempt voucher to you if requested - (Please provide a mailing address where to send the voucher.)


Checks or gift cards to be used for the purchase of gifts for the students can also be mailed to:

Kevin Eyres
144 Mercer Rd
Colts Neck, NJ  07722


If you'd like, please email me 3 Wide @ 3wides picture vault . com (without the spaces) after you've reached out to RJC Charities, or to Kevin, and I will let them know to be on the look-out for "a something" from you.  They will follow up with an email to you so that you know that your support was received, and appreciated!

Thank you for reading this and for understanding what the support of the local racing community means to the kids at the Matheny School.  Thank you to those who started the tradition way back when, and thank you Vault Visitors for allowing our site to help Kevin and his folks keep the tradition going.

Thank you Vault Visitors,